What We Can Do


Perfection Pet Foods’ extensive production and manufacturing capabilities are what set us apart from the competition. From super premium, non-grain pet food to mass consumer private label products, we consistently deliver the highest quality product to both retailers and consumers. We’re always looking to grow and innovate! 

A short list of pet food manufacturing abilities includes: meat first kibble, fresh meat injection, liquid and dry flavor applications, multi-colored / multi-shaped kibble, varying moisture components, oven baked recipes, limited ingredient diet (LID) formulas and organic formulas. Our versatile baking line is capable of basting application for a wide range of flavors and colors.  

Perfection Pet Foods’ state-of-the-art automated packaging line can service 1lb to 5lb boxes with master carton case erector - 36 boxes per minute! In addition to this Clybourne packaging line for smaller boxes, Perfection Pet Foods recently acquired an automated box line for 7lb to 10lb boxes.  

10 overhead, finished product bins ensure that the blending of each packaging line is as efficient as possible. Finished product is kept in 5 storeveyors, which can also be blended into each packaging line. What makes all of our packaging runs so special? A newly installed Umbra packaging line that can accommodate 2lb to 55lb bags with a built in bundler and palletizer.


We’re proud of what we can do and we’re excited for what the future holds. We hope you join our team as we transform the pet food industry!